International Movie Shot in Nepal

The film industry, one of the glamorous industries, is also known for providing entertainment along with refreshments to viewers. The film industry is composed of various factors and these factors have huge roles in completing a film (Starting- Ending). For instance: film studios, animation, screenwriting, cinematography, pre/post-production, production companies, actors, directors, distributors, etc. A movie […]

Filming In Nepal: Should I Bring My Own Equipment To Nepal or Rent Them There in Nepal ?

Flying is already hectic enough. And having to add suc expensive and big filming equipment to your suitcase can be quite overwhelming. We get it. Hence, if you’re questioning whether or not you should take your very-expensive-equipments or not. We’re here to guide you.  Okay so the thing is, airports do let you carry the […]

History of Filming in Nepal

The entertainment industry is huge and with millions of additional members every year, every country has its approach towards improvement. If we separate this vast industry into different nodes and examine it, the contribution of the movie or film industry is transparent as a crystal. Nepal started its media journey some 70 years ago and […]


Nepal, famous for its extraordinarily beautiful mountain terrains, is a country of Asia. Nepal is peculiarly enthralling in all the aspects. It is blessed with astounding natural beauty, diverse culture and celebrates wonderful divergence. Nepal is topographically divided into three regions, Himalayan in the north, Hilly and Terai in the south. Himalayan region contains several […]

Acquiring Aerial Permits for filming in Nepal

Acquiring Aerial Permits for Filming in Nepal Nepal is one of the beautiful, savory, and delightful places for any cinema lovers and fanatics; to hit the road, turn the dial on, and backpack across the terrains for filming. There has been a time when Nepal was one of the premiers, lauded, and beloved locations for […]

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