International Movie Shot in Nepal

The film industry, one of the glamorous industries, is also known for providing entertainment along with refreshments to viewers. The film industry is composed of various factors and these factors have huge roles in completing a film (Starting- Ending). For instance: film studios, animation, screenwriting, cinematography, pre/post-production, production companies, actors, directors, distributors, etc.

A movie might be of three hours but the efforts, time, dedication, manpower, and investment that several people put in, are beyond the realm of reasons. A film studio can get profitable 0highly depending on picking the correct film projects along with creative and effective management. Moreover, the term ‘scenery’ plays an important role as it reflects the culture, traditions, cuisine, art of certain communities according to the story. Keeping in mind that places captured in films can attract more viewers, filmmakers put their special attention to the beauty it demonstrates.

How do foreign moviemakers see Nepal as a filming location?

In the fast-paced environment of the movie industry, filmmakers are bound to visit various authentic and mesmerizing locations. Nepal being an exotic and mystical backdrop has become one of the most favorable destinations to a plethora of national and international film producers. Being a landlocked country, missed with the blessing of having seas and oceans, Nepal has still been able to stand in a position to attract many people.

In addition, the hospitality of Nepalese people adds spice to the natural beauty. There’s no doubt why filmmakers are captivated. A saying in Nepali- “people often avoid things that are easily available even it’s worth is unimaginable”, might be a reason for the deficiency of suitable locations for Nepali film producers in exchange for movie shoots.

Possibilities of International movie shooting

If there’s a keen vision, you can make a barren land into a beautiful place. The power of vision is invincible, the one who has it can do anything. The same goes for the movie industry, there are possibilities everywhere, everywhere. Day by day the authentic locations are being explored which leads film producers to produce huge amounts of films. Apart from that, Nepal has been amazingly popular not just because of the scenery and the Himalayas but also; indigenous culture & traditions, foods & arts.

The tradition of filmmaking in the land of the Himalayas is deeply rooted. Every year the number of shootings in Nepal is growing which reflects Nepal’s increasing popularity for on-location shootings. Not just recently, the notion of international movie shots has been embedded since the past. As per the report of MOIC (Ministry of Information and Communication), the government has been able to earn a good amount of money and facilitate the economy due to numerous shootings carried out in various places of Nepal.

Permits and Government Support

An open studio for filming, Nepal has some rules and regulations to be followed in order to conduct a film shoot, though it’s easy to follow. The government of Nepal supports the development of the film industry and allows the film management team to achieve the permit.

List of filming permits in Nepal

– National Filming Permit
– Custom Clearance ( Temporary import and export)
– Special Area Filming Permit
1. National Park
2. Conservation Area
3. Temples and Monasteries
4. Heritage Areas

For getting these permits, there are some documents needed to be submitted:

1. A letter assigning Filming Himalaya as local coordinators mentioning services provided.
2. The provided application form must be filled.
3. An overview synopsis should be provided which describes the story to be presented in the film using the sample provided by the FCN team.
4. An itinerary of filming should be prepared with exact dates and locations from arrival- departure.
5. List of crew details which includes scan copy of passport and designation.
6. An equipment list containing the value and serial numbers for custom clearance.

For the purpose of supervision and monitoring the shooting activity and shooting team, a liaison officer is provided to the team by the Ministry during the time of providing permits. the role of the liaison officer is to facilitate international filmmakers regarding the legal procedures and also provide authorization of the film production.

In regard to customs clearance, the Film Development Board of Nepal provides a guarantee letter that allows the filmmakers to bring all the necessary equipment without paying customs duty. Along with them, the local coordinators are also provided with a guarantee letter so that they can temporarily bring and send their equipment.

Some of the popular movies shooted in Nepal

Moving further, Bollywood and Hollywood, two of the largest film industries of the world have been engaged to produce a very good amount of film shots in Nepal. It is also mentioned that 2001 was the best year till today when 49 foreign films were filmed. On the other hand, two major releases of 2014 and 2015 portraying scenes from Nepal, were namely Hollywood movie “Everest” and the Bollywood movie “Baby” respectively. These movies even had big stars in the cast who visited Nepal during the film shooting. The Golden Child, Baraka, Little Buddha, Seven Years in Tibet, The Fall, The Wildest Dream, Hare Rama Hare Krishna, Mahaan, Yudh, and many more are the movies that had depicted parts of Nepal in their movie reels.

The hospitality of people in Nepal

Along with Nepal being amazingly popular with natural resources, the hospitality industry is also considered a key segment that influences visitors. Hospitality just doesn’t mean staying and eating at a place, it’s more like the feeling, “ home away from home”, where you’re treated important and you can be easily comfortable. Apart from the concept of staying in a hotel, homestays is being quite popular as the guest can enjoy the way of living of local people. For that, Nepalese people were always good at being a quality host which is extremely conspicuous.

Commercial and Content Movies

The concept of movie making is constantly increasing. The movie can be a commercial or a content one. The term commercial movies are quite popular that enables people to reach out to a large number of the audience providing the message. Similarly, the content movie represents the experience along with information shared by the means of medium i.e movies to the people. The content movie influences the people to create their own content which can be beyond the expectations of makers.

Safety and precautions for the shoot

During the time of shots undesirable and dangerous accidents may occur because of the person himself or the supporting factors. As there are various categories of film, some may have to cooperate with wild animals, some with dangerous locations (for stunt) and some with guns and other attacking equipment, the chances of occurring an accident is very high. Some of the safety measures for handling guns are:

– Always point the gun away from the direction of people.
– The finger should not touch the trigger until the shot is ready.
– The gun should always be unloaded until it’s time to use
For wild animals:
– Maintain a good distance from the wild animals until it’s important.
– Do not provoke the animals and tease them.
– Keep in mind that animals don’t usually attack until they’re scared or feel in danger.

To recapitulate, greenery Nepal’s beauty has always been captivating for the whole world. More than sufficient unimaginable locations are prevailing in our small country, Nepal. Film producers & directors might take full advantage of stunning views and glorious scenery of shining white mountains.

International Movie Shot in Nepal

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