Project Research

It is the research phase that consist lots of analysis and designs. During the project research we go through with our clients for the agreement and understand.

Documentation and Reporting

Documentation and reporting is the most for us as we want all the things to be sorted between our clients. All the financial criteria will be documented.


There are three types (basic) accommodation in Nepal. They are Hotels & resorts, tents, and lodges & teahouses. For hotels and resort, we would choose cities like Kathmandu.


Equipment plays an important role in filmmaking. One of the most amazing factors of filmmaking is to put together video production equipment packages.

Crew Arrangements

Everyone knows who is in the camera and what they do but what about behind the camera? There are dozens of the crew with a different profile and profession behind the camera who has skills and talent to be sure that all set runs firmly and smoothly.

Location Scouting

Location scouting is one of the basic requirements for the filming project. Although there are no such fixed rules for location scouting. We scout different spaces to analyze which location best fits the script and provide the most cinematic opportunities.

Post Production

The post production is the final phase in the project where all the film or video element put together to compose the final edit. We offer a full range post production service that includes audio synchronization, tittles and subtitles, color correction….


Time is the money and we start the project on time and complete it before the deadline. You can get your project done lightning fast without any complain.

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