Filming In Nepal: Should I Bring My Own Equipment To Nepal or Rent Them There in Nepal ?

filming in nepal

Flying is already hectic enough. And having to add suc expensive and big filming equipment to your suitcase can be quite overwhelming. We get it. Hence, if you’re questioning whether or not you should take your very-expensive-equipments or not. We’re here to guide you. 

Okay so the thing is, airports do let you carry the equipment. But cameras and lenses should be kept on your carry-on. But when it comes to filming equipment, that is not quite possible. 

So, you’d have to risk damaging your fragile products. Furthermore, multi-tools are a total no-no when it comes to flying. So if you have one of those, you certainly can’t carry it with you. 

Anyway, besides distinguishing what goes oln your carry on and not having any space for personal items, you will also have other drawbacks. 

Since whatever equipment you carry is certainly very expensive, they’re heavy as well. Meaning, they won’t only hog up your  carry-on but also might take almost half or more weight on the amount you’re supposed to take. 

Therefore, you will have to pay extra if you have more than expected luggage. And then if you tackle less personal items, you certainly will need to buy those products after vtravelling to Nepal. 

So here’s a suggestion Filming Himalaya makes, since you will have to cash out anyway, why not enjoy and leave the frustration to us? 

We can provide you with a pretty good deal on renting all the equipment you need. If you wish to know, here is a list of all the products that are available at the moment. 

We have another solution for you as well. Let’s say you feel like affording all the equipment is too expensive or you just wnt to cut down your budget. You can bring some of the small things you own and rent those you need. 

It’s a perfect chance to enjoy your trip stress-free. 

Furthermore, if you still aren’t confident enough about renting, you can always choose to bring your own things. For that, we will also list down some tips to make packing and traveling with such huge equipment easier. 

I hope you found your answers and cleared your confusion with this article. Have a delightful journey. 

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Filming In Nepal: Should I Bring My Own Equipment To Nepal or Rent Them There in Nepal ?

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